Idaho Liquor Brokerage Firm

Price: $100,000

Location: Ada County

Industry: Bar, Pubs and Taverns

Listing ID: 8304-17962

Listing Status: New


This prominent Idaho Liquor Brokerage Firm is the liaison between the Idaho State Liquor Division and the liquor brands they service. They provide liquor marketing and promotional services for the brands they represent throughout Idaho. They help bars and restaurants taste and try their products and then work with them to build cocktail menus and promotional tasting events to the public. They also do liquor tastings inside the Idaho State Liquor Division stores and occasionally for big trade shows in the liquor industry. They cater to smaller craft brands in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


Total Sales: $156,623

Cash Flow: $46,777

FFE: $5,000

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Larry Halvorson, III

Larry Halvorson, III