There is no higher compliment than the kind words of a satisfied customer or professional partner…thanks for your support and feedback:

We loved Murphy Business! They were so professional and accessible every step of the way. Selling a business can be very stressful, however, Murphy Business walked us thru each and every day with integrity, knowledge and sound advice. It took 9 months to sell our 39-year-old business for cash! We are grateful every day for the superior job Murphy Business did in completing this very difficult task! We recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell their business and wants to do it right!
Jim & Nancy Tighe
Former Owners - Gem State Gymnastics
“From our first meeting, Rod at Murphy Business, communicated very openly and honestly regarding the process of selling our business, patiently explaining all the details. He informed us of the tools he would use to sell our business, and bring us a buyer. He was very available, and kept us up to date on all activities during the process. He looked out for our interests every step of the way. While selling a business can be intimidating and overwhelming, Rod's guidance, utmost professionalism, and efficiency put us at ease. While never making unrealistic promises, he made it happen! Thank you Rod!”
Andy & Teri Maxey
Former Owners, A-Max Hardwood Floors
“I have a lot of confidence in Sheila’s abilities. She understands the owner’s side of the business and represents him well. She also helps the buyer get financing…Sheila exceeded my expectations. We received 30 very qualified responses and that surprised me in a good way! Sheila knows what she is doing, how to do it and follows up on everything. We were successful in finding the type of buyer I wanted and concluded the sale. The buyer was financially qualified and had the right business experience and the right personality to fit into the current structure of my business.”
Richard Ogle
former owner of Office Environment Company
“Rod is very astute at what he does and very professional in manner. I have been involved with Rod in several real estate and business sales. He has signed people to leases on property that I own, been a listing and selling agent for me on property that I have sold, and helped with planning on property we have purchased. In all aspects he has shown strong knowledge, determination, and professionalism for the task at hand. Rod has a very high work ethic. He is also very personable and gets along well with those he works with. He is definitely someone I would recommend for real estate and business related projects.”
R. Bruce Murdoch
Former Owner, Plantation Place Assisted Living, Inc.
“It is our immense pleasure to recommend David Choate and Murphy Business for any business owners looking to buy or sell a business. David came up with a deal that was good for us and made the buyer happy as well. Throughout the process, he managed to navigate any issues solving them quickly and effectively. We found David to be a highly attentive agent. David was honest about expectations, selling point and what to expect. We are pleased to recommend David Choate to anyone looking to buy or sell a business. He is hands down the best in the business in our opinion and we have suggested him to other business owners around the valley.”
Melissa Wallace and Daniel Jordan
Former Owners, Relic Pizza
“It has been my pleasure to work with and know Rod. We have worked together on several very challenging real estate projects. His character, diligence, and professionalism have always been of the highest order. These projects were quite complex and involved multiple parties. I have consistently been highly impressed with Rod's persistence and willingness to work incredibly hard to work toward goals and desired end results. He also is a pleasure to work with and gets along well with all whom he knows and comes in contact with. Rod is someone whom I would give a very high recommendation and am happy to answer any additional questions at any time.”
Arthur F (Skip) Oppenheimer, Chairman/CEO
Oppenheimer Companies, Inc.
“We won’t make a move in buying, selling or financing our business without talking to Sheila…”
John and Linda Allsbury
owners – Pro Power Clean
“Sheila knows what she is doing and is completely professional.”
Randy Lancaster
former owner of Terra Vita Landscape & Gardening, Inc.
“We could have never done this on our own. . .Sheila represents everything you could want in someone you are doing business with.”
Jim & Donna Bledsoe
former owners, Jim’s Heating & Cooling Company
She was able to get us several hundred thousand dollars more for the business than we would have gotten had we tried to do this on our own. . .
David Howard
former owner of TTE (aka The Telephone Exchange)
“I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your services during the purchase of my new business. I would not dream of purchasing or selling a business without utilizing the excellent services that your company provides. Without your invaluable services, this sale may not have taken place. Again, thank you for your hard work and patience. I look forward to working with your company in the future.”
S. Birla
“Thank you for your expertise and help with the sale of my business. Your diplomatic demeanor got us through the sometimes rough waters of selling a business, while keeping things highly confidential. We’re convinced the sale never would have happened without your professional experience and patience. Thank you for your services in helping us to navigate the sale of our business, along with bringing an excellent and well matched buyer with a full price offer.”
R.D. Reisinger
“Within days after signing the listing agreement with Murphy, your agent began bringing prospective clients to our store. Within three weeks, the agent brought more qualified buyers to us than our franchisor did in four months. Our escrow was extremely long and complicated. We also had numerous problems and delays with lenders and the franchisor. Our agent helped us navigate through all of the obstacles, seemingly with ease. We highly recommend Murphy Business Brokers to our friends and fellow business associates. Thank you for all your hard work!”
F. Hall
“The process of selling our business was long and very time consuming taking into consideration we were dealing with the sale of a national franchise. Your office kept everything on track and followed up with the buyer and seller, continuously and in a professional manner. We are especially pleased that we sold so close to the listing price. Thanks again for your assistance. We would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone looking for a professional team to assist them in buying or selling their business.”
J. Thompson
“My Murphy business advisor was professional and easy to work with. All candidates were pre-approved so that once we met, the process was easy. Our advisor picked buyers that were compatible with me and my business.”
T. Hurley
“Having been self-employed for many years, I am used to handling the many important aspects of my business. It was a tremendous relief to turn over the responsibility of selling my business to your office. I am convinced that my sale of my business was completed with much less energy and the net profit was much greater as a direct result of your expertise. I will not hesitate to use your services again and enthusiastically recommend them without any reservations. You performed in an exceptional manner, especially when one considers the complexity of selling a business. Congratulations are in order. You made a potentially stressful and difficult transaction proceed smoothly and painlessly.”
W. Muncy
“I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for your assistance during our purchase of our new company. Based on our experiences during the purchase of our business, I would not consider purchasing another enterprise without your expertise. As a broker, you provided several invaluable services, without which the sale would not have taken place. My wife and I look forward to working with your office again in the future.”
K. Guthrie
”For some 4½ months, our Murphy business advisor has worked with us to put a deal together to sell our business which started 4 months earlier with, in my opinion, a very difficult buyer’s representative. There were so many hurdles and roadblocks that from time to time the feeling of frustration, or to be honest, disillusionment at whether selling our business would ever be possible. During these “dismal” times, the only good thing about this experience was the grounding, counseling and encouragement that our Murphy advisor gave us. There is no doubt that without his calm professional demeanor, nothing about this event in my or my wife’s life would have been positive. My acclamations for our Murphy business advisor are a resounding reflection on you and your company. I thank our Murphy advisor and your company for making this transaction in our life a reality.”
P. Desclauriers
“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the way you handled the sale of my business. The timeline you predicted, price and terms were all very close to what you said they would be. I was also very impressed with your professionalism, responsiveness and background knowledge regarding different ways of being able to structure the deal. I’ve already recommended you to others. Thank you for a job well done!”
A. Coppola
“Our Murphy business advisor handled the sale of my business with professionalism and efficiency. I would highly recommend him and Murphy Business & Financial Corp. to anyone who wants to sell their business.”
D. Hysom
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your service in the sale of my business. Your professionalism, positive attitude and ethical demeanor in guiding me through intricacies of the sale was spot-on! I highly recommend both you and Murphy Business to others considering either purchasing or selling a franchise”
D. Dunn
“We want to thank our Murphy business advisor for her great work on the sale of our business. She has been a wealth of support for our family. My wife and I both love her very dearly and she is truly a professional. Our Murphy advisor has become part of our family for the past several months. She truly became a partner in our business, in researching and understanding our business, so she can find future buyers. We admire her diligence and dedication to the sell of our business. Additionally, we wanted to say that we highly recommend our Murphy business advisor to any other potential clients. She is the best in her field and no less! Thank you for making our dreams come true!”
K. Stout
"I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for all the hard work our Murphy business advisor did on the sale of my preschool business. He was a wonderful person to work with and went above and beyond the call of duty while walking me through the entire process. Again, thank you for this. I actually look forward to working with our Murphy advisor again in another business adventure.”
J. Mauritz
“It was a pleasure working with my Murphy business advisor on the sale of my business. Your diligence and professionalism helped make the transaction smooth and cordial.”
F. Hans
“Thank you for all your assistance, guidance and patient support through the process of selling our business. While I initially struggled with the idea of “paying someone to help us sell our business” I recognize now that we have benefited greatly by your expertise. Your extensive knowledge of the processes involved in pricing, evaluating and structuring the transaction was a huge benefit to both buyer and seller. Thanks Again. ”
A. Bjork
“I want to thank my Murphy business advisor for his assistance in selling my grocery store. Your responsiveness and attention to detail made the whole entire process seem easy. The methods you used to value the business, qualify potential buyers, negotiate the sale terms and bring the sale to closing were impressive. I truly believe I would never have been able to achieve the sale price you negotiated without your firm’s expertise.”
L. Kirchoff

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