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Our Pledge

We pledge to provide both our clients and business associates the highest standards of professional service and unmatched performance in the sale of privately held businesses, mergers, acquisitions, sales and re-sales of franchise business, commercial real estate transactions, business valuations, machinery and equipment appraisal and business consulting. With the team at Murphy Business, you can be assured that you are represented by outstanding, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who will provide you with sound financial, strategic and tactical implementation to achieve a successful transaction.

Who We Are

The Murphy team of Busines Transfer Experts is comprised of former CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, business owners, and senior level executives from a wide range of industries and professions.  Murphy associates have received extensive training and many have earned the highest awards and credentials in our industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each and every one of our clients with exceptional service and outstanding value that exceeds their expectations while keeping the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Our Promise: To deal with you fairly, honestly and in a timely manner.


We are committed to making your experience with Murphy Business so different from your other business consulting experiences, that you will need to tell your business associates about your exceptional experience with us.

Our History

The Boise office of Murphy Business was born out of a desire to help small businesses navigate the challenging transfer process.  The founder had over twenty years of experience in large scale manufacturing operations, corporate acquisitions, commercial real estate, and accounting and had seen many businesses struggle when burdened with unplanned events forcing their hand and nowhere to turn for help. 

Murphy Business of Southwest Idaho opened in 2010, deep in the “Great Recession”, as a one-man franchise outpost of Murphy Business, a rapidly growing and deeply respected business brokerage firm based in Clearwater, Florida.  During subsequent years, as the economy recovered, Murphy Business has grown to be one of the largest business brokerage firms in North America, and the Boise office has grown to include additional outstanding agents and resources to support our clients and small business community.  We have forged close relationships with Murphy Franchisees in North Idaho and Southeast Idaho in order to provide the most comprehensive set of business transfer resources available in Idaho.(to be continued)

Our 7-Step Process



We’ll use the discovery step to assess the sellability of the business.  Sellability can be impacted by financial performance, scale, owner motivation, industry trends, business operations, and more.



The single most critical factor in a successful sale is a proper valuation.  We will review your financials, comparable sales, and other characteristics of your business to determine a market value range or, most probable selling price.


Marketing Plan

Development of a confidential marketing plan.  We will work with our client to develop a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) which contains a detailed presentation and is given to prospective acquirers after receiving a non-disclosure agreement.



Listing of confidential offering information on up to 15 business listing web portals plus leverage our local networks.  We require all buyers to provide a non-disclosure agreement, experience profile, and evidence of ability to close a transaction.



Negotiation of offers.  There are many ways a deal can typically be structured and we will work with all parties to find a structure that is a win-win.


Due Diligence

After receiving a Letter of Intent or Offer to Purchase, we enter due diligence review of financial information, business operations, etc.  We will provide extensive guidance during this time from organizing the virtual deal room and coordinating with accountants, attorneys, escrow officer, and other advisers.



Finally, the culmination of months of work, handing over of the keys and transfer of funds.  We will be there with you through the whole process helping get all parties through any bumps and turns.

Call us to schedule a confidential assessment.

Call now to schedule a free, no obligation, Discovery meeting. All discussions are held in strict confidence.

Main Street Transactions

$300k to $5M Enterprise Value - Past 3 years


$ 21 M


$ 147 M

Mid-Market M&A

$3M - $200M Enterprise Value

193 +
$ 1 B+
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